lunedì 11 giugno 2018

RockFest Day 4 : Amaranthe, Blind Channel, Normandie & Many more

Last day of RockFest has ended with a succession of amazing bands, that it was impossible to choose where to go. 

Photo Credit : RockFest 2018, Niki Soukkio

The gate opened with Stam1na on the RadioRock Stage, followed by an all Swedish line-up continuing with Amaranthe and Opteh. After this first wave of incredible music, the audience is ready for the last band performing on the RadioRockStage for this year: the Americans Avenged Sevenfold. 

Photo Credit : RockFest 2018, Niki Soukkio

Photo Credit : RockFest 2018, Julius Konttinen

We move then to the Kivi Stage. The crowd already on fire thanks to the Americans CKY, back in Finland after 10 years. The next in line are our lovely BlindChannel (which btw will be open act for Hollywood Undead in Germany and Bulgaria). They almost didn’t had the time to get on stage that the people was on fire. During this show the brotherhood among the boys and their love for music was crystal clear and the honesty of all this was really visible in the variegated audience of older and younger rock fans enjoying their show.

Photo Credit : RockFest 2018,  Julius Konttinen

RockFest was an AWESOME experience ! For sure we will come again next year ! See you soon RockFest ;). 

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