domenica 1 gennaio 2017

Welcome 2017 ! A few stats from 2016

Greeting family ! How's been 2017 so far ? Mine and ours has been behaving pretty good in its first day. To start the year I thought it could be fun to share with you some stats about our web-radio's web-site .
The new web-site was launched last january, so one year ago. In twelve months our visits have grown so much ( we went from less than 400 the first month to more than 8000 in december) with a total of more than 28500. We are humbled and thrilled by the love which have been poured on us, the appreciation, the trust. For sure all of you included in those digits helped making our 2016 the special year it has been, and for this we thank you all and we will give you all even more than what we did this past year.

Our public is rather international, the top five countries listening to us and reading our articles have been USA, Finland, Russia, Italy and Germany. But we really got visits from all over the world.

The top five most loved articles have been:
-the interview with the amazing Addis Pablo
-the article A Thousand Miles Away, about our dear friend Zabihullah
-the interview with the incredible Julian Marley
-the article about the Saltbodan Radio 2016
-the interview with Cesco

So for all this, for your support and for your friendship I thank you all and send love and light to each one of you. Onward&forward toward this new year together.

One Love, One Heart, One destiny

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