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Maria Laura Baccarini Interview

Hello RQL friends, today we host a very special artist on our web-site : Maria Laura Baccarini, who agreed to have this lovely interview with us. Be sure to read it as it is so interesting coming from a multi-talented artist whose career has been full and interesting. I highly recommend to go and see her live if you have the chance !
For our Loviisa's readers, she will be here tomorrow, the 22nd of april at Keskus Centralen

Read more about her in Finnish and enjoy a video HERE

 -Hello Maria Laura, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners\readers ?
Well, hello! I am an Italian woman,  actress-singer or singer-actress, I can’t tell what comes first … I live in Paris where I moved 12 years ago … since then I started a new career , a different life, by sharing wonderful experiences with amazing musiciens and composers, like Régis Huby.

 -You’re a very eclectic artist, actress, dancer, singer; would you like to tell us something about these different aspect of your career ?
I am very curious , I like to explore… but to do that you need to know very well your instruments, and all different ways to express yourself. Your body, your voice, your heart, your mind. Then you also need to « live » intensely each moment of your life: happiness, pain, excitement, deception, failures, and victories … that ’s the « natural experience » of life … Then, you put all of that in what you do on stage … and that is fascinating … you change … always …  that’s surprisingly good.

-We read that you have worked for a while with 'La Rancia' troupe.We saw 'A chorus line ' production back in the 90's. How is to work in a musical ?
I worked in musical-theatre about 15 years of my life … I really enjoy that . I had the chance to play wonderful roles like Cassie in « A Chorus line » ( in Italy and also in the UK tour ), Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Anita in West Side Story ( European Tour ), Roxie Hart in Chicago, and many many others … it was so much fun! I travelled a lot, I have seen so many towns, so many theaters, full houses … it was exciting … but at some point I felt I needed to go somewhere else, and I felt the urge to grow up, to choose what to «say» , to be responsable of a precise « message » to deliver …

-You have worked for television, theatre and cinema. Which one is your favourite?
Theater is my life … I like live shows, I love the « truth »… theater is made of real bodies, real voices, real audiences , so no tricks, just real life and pure emotions …

-Would you like to tell us something about your cd ‘'Gaber, io e le cose'' ?
Gaber, io e le cose is a « duo ».  A voice ( my voice ) and a multi-violinist Régis Huby, who has done an amazing work of arrangements, so original and also very respectful of the meaning of each word .Giorgio Gaber is an italien ICON. He was a singer-actor-song writer and also an intellectual . He had the urgence to get to people , to touch their hearts, to wake up their minds .He and his friend lyricist Sandro Luporini, they wrote a portrait of the italien society, but they also told us about the deepest and complex part of the « human being ». Their language is so poetic and so real, so direct and refined .So, this project is deeply connected with my personal state of mind. It tells what I think about « le cose della vita »  The music in beautiful and words are pure poetry .
Hello RQL friends ! Today our web-site hosts a very special artist, Maria Laura Baccarini, who kindly accepted to have a lovely interview with us. Be sure to read it because she has had a wonderful and eclectic career and if you had the chance be sure to go and see her in one of her northern dates.

 -Is this your first time here in Finland ?
Yes it is , and I am so happy to be here. People are great, full of kindness and very very sensitive.

-How did you get here in Finland ?
Thanks to Charles Gil ! He is a rare example of a manager who really does his job … he works hard ! His job is very difficult nowadays, and thanks to him a lot of musiciens come to this beautiful country and get the chance to meet wonderful people and know your culture.

-Will you have other shows after the one in Loviisa ?

22/04 Loviisa, Keskus Centralen
24/04 Tampere, Tampere Art Museum
ESTONIA Jazzkaar 2016
26/04 Viljandi, café Fellin
27/04 Otepää, Gümnaasium
28/04 Tallinn, Punane Maja
29/04 Ventspils,  Juras Varti Theatre

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