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Hello ! My name is Gaia, I'm 17 years old. I have started working as a speaker and graphic designer for RQL since I was 14. Music it's an important part of my life ; I like almost every kind of music and artist from Andrea Bocelli to Faydee. You can hear me on the web-ways  every first saturday of the month from 17.00 to 18.00 with my girl Fanni.

For any inquires or if you want to submit music feel free to contact me  :

Gaia Putrino

Hey! I'm Fanni, a 17-year old high school student originally from Loviisa. I'm currently based in Helsinki, but I spend almost every weekend in Loviisa. Especially music and dance have always been extremely important to me and I strive to find a way to connect those in everything I do. Being involved in the culture scene in Loviisa is also important to me and now I have a new way of doing that: being a part of the RQL team! You'll find me on Saturday Night Talk with my wonderful co-host Gaia!

Hello my Swenglish listeners ! Here's Fanny. I'm a 90's girl from Loviisa, Finland. Currently I'm getting my third education, and I will become an interior builder.
I live in a old log frame house, together with my partener, two wonderful dogs and one reckless cat.
I have my own radioshow on RQL on friday evenings between 6-7 PM (UTC2). I'm the DJ, host and producer of my show "Amatour Radio with Fanny", but I couldn't do this without the help of Fabio the technical mastermind.
For any inquires or if you want to submit music :
Fanny Haddas


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