Holding on to Jah is a film by Roger Landon Hall and Harrison Stafford. Roger Landon Hall is a cinematography writer, director and editor. Harrison Stafford is a producer, a writer and a musician, with his group Groundation.

Watching Holding on to Jah it's an amazing experience. It's like being taken by the hand and brought all the way to Jamaica, on  a geographical, historical and spiritual journey straight to the roots of the rastafari movement and reggae music .
Through the wise and thought provoking words of many incredible reggae musicians and rastafari elders, we learn about Marcus Garvey, about HIM Haile Selassie I, about the struggles of rastafari themselves, as they had to suffer persecution and shunning because of their faith.
 As we trod along all this we are treated with some of the most beautiful and powerful roots reggae songs ever which make our spirit lift even more. There one more reason that makes this documentary even more special and absolutely worth seeing: a few of the wise people sharing their thoughts on the movie are no longer with us ( such as Joseph Hill, Sugar Minott, Countryman ) and this film gives us the chance to cherish their words and insights forever, keeping their legacy alive.

Let's keep Holding on to Jah.

Please be sure to visit www.holdingontojah.com for more informations about the movie and to get your own copy there

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