Rototom Sunsplash LiveStream 2016

Hello RQL106FM friends ! Do you know Rototom ? I'm sure you do, but in case someone wants to know more "The Rototom association was born in 1991 out of a meeting between four people. Since then the entity has managed two nightclubs, hundreds of concerts, squatted an abandoned factory to create a cultural centre, organized marches for peace, and created the biggest reggae festival in the world, the Rototom Sunsplash that celebrated its twentieth edition in 2013 From the beginning they faced many difficulties and had to struggle to keep the project alive. In the end they even had to leave Italy, emigrating to Spain. " as written on the official web-site. Well we're big time fans of Rototom and this year we're having the incredible chance of broadcasting it either here on our website and on air from 20:00 every night !!! Don't miss it friends as the most incredible reggae artists will be playing there ! ( Consider muting the regular radio player to listen ) iframe:

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