venerdì 28 febbraio 2020

Vanity Fair, Jannike's new single is out

"Vanity Fair" is the new single form the Finnish singer song-writer Jannike. The single was released today and there will be an official video clip following in the next weeks. 

Vanity Fair comes out in two different versions, including a Latin acoustic version, in this single we can see a new side of Jannike musically and style wise. 

The song is written by Jannike, and Thomas G:son (who also wrote Euphoria by Loreen), Jonas Jensen from Norway and Niklas Rosström and was mixed by Janne Hyöty who also produced the acoustic version. 

"When I wrote the lyrics to Vanity Fair, I had some very specific people that are in my life in mind. You know those "friends" who think you have too high opinions about yourself and also think you should calm dons little and not follow your dreams so much,"  says Jannike

"I mean, it would be so much more fun for all of us if they just joined me on my career ride and were cheering me on, we would all feel better if we would support and encourage each other" continues Jannike

Vanity Fair anticipates Jannike's new album and next single called "Welcome to my life"which will be coming out on may 15th. 

Listen to Vanity Fair => here

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