lunedì 28 ottobre 2019

Saime And The Cool Rulers - High Volume

After two years of hard work through studio sessions,  
Saime and The Cool Rulers proudly presents their new album.
High Volume, available from 25th of October HERE
 A mix of reggae roots, dancehall, a bit of rap and electroswing, in 9 tracks
and 4 featuring artist such as Shakalab,Bunna,Gheesa,Heavy Hammer.

The album includes the single Ocean Of Blood, feat Bunna from Africa Unite,
released on 11th of October 2019.

Since the first step of writing the tune Ocean Of Blood,
the band felt the need to talk about the long standing situation 
in the mediterranean see, identified it as a blood-red cemetery coming
from the numbers of victims resting in its deepth.

To give more temper to the song, and giving a melodic refrain
different from the verses, the idea was to involve a great artist with great voice,
always committed to spread a message of peace and respect among
all cultures: Bunna from Africa Unite

The aim of the song is to have a social concrete commitment.
For this reason the artist and the publisher have choosen to 
devolve the income from the on-line sales, to 
Mediterranea Saving Humans association;
one of the most active in saving lives in the metiterranean sea.

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