sabato 28 settembre 2019

Wicked Dub Division "Deepest"

Wicked Dub Division presents their 4th album and 3rd since the arrival of the lead singer Michela Grena. 

"Deepest" is the name fo the album, a tribute to the deep, meaning dub in its essence, enriched by various collaborations and guests. 

Deepest represents the desire to slow down, to reflect, move beyond words or images find oneself in the music.

The band describes it : "the sound that it represent is underground and underwater. It's like the desire to return through the hypnosis fo music to a personal dimension, far from the screams of the world, imagining oneself in the ocean floor, searching without fear for a light in the darkness to become part of the flow of music and find ourselves."

The album release coincides with the new videoclip "you can fly" featuring the North East Ska Jazz orchestra. It's the next chapter in the two groups collaboration after the enormous success of "Mama".

Deepest is available on all digital platforms and you can grab your physic copy at the bands concerts.

Communicate : Run It Agency 

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