venerdì 2 agosto 2019

Montelago Celtic Festival 2019 -Day 1-

This is the only moment of the year you’re happy that time flies. After days and days on the road all the way from Finland, when finally we turn on the small dirty road that leads to the Harp in the middle of Montelago Celtic Festival plane, we feel at home. It is not only the music. Not only the lovely market. And not even the endless thematic activities hosted in the festival area. It is the friendship. The community that year after year strength up. Hugs shared with your Montelago brothers and sisters, that same people that year after year notice how much your kids have grown and are eager to share the news of their lives and listen to yours. And of course the excitement of waiting for the bands playing from the three different stages, the need to jump and dance and sing along to let out all the joy to be here once again.


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