lunedì 8 luglio 2019

Shiraz Lane @ On the Rocks -Tuska after party-

The Tuska weekend has been closed by an amazing after party at on the rocks a venue in the center of Helsinki. The band closing the Tuska 2019 journey were DIRT and our lovely boys Shiraz Lane. I have to say there couldn't have been a better choice for closing this amazing weekend.

As some may recall we saw Shiraz Lane for the first time last year in Tuska Festival and a few months after  in Kouvola (you can read the article here), and I have kind of been anxiously waiting to get a chance to see them again.

Shiraz Lane is a band that never leaves you, somehow it gives your peace, and some lyrics can apply pretty easily to almost everyone's lives. Im so happy they crossed our path and that I got to see them last year and made their music a part of my life. 

We cant wait to see and hear what the future has for this amazing boys.

Photos & Article : Gaia Putrino 

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