lunedì 15 luglio 2019

Rastaplas 2019 : Mellow Mood, New Kingston, Dezarie and more

For the first time this year, we got to cover Rastaplas, one of the many reggae festivals happening in the Netherlands.  The festival is two days long and situated on a beach, in the west side of the country in Zoetermeer. 

The first day of the 16th edition of Rastaplas opened its gates with the dutch band Frontliners, and closed it with the powerful roots reggae Dezarie from the Virgin Island.  When we got to the festival we were “welcomed” by the Jamaican Utan Green, followed by the New Kingston straight from the US, which in my opinion are the cutest thing ever since the band is formed by three bothers and their dad, and last but not least our favorite twins Mellow Mood from Italy

Around 19:30 people started gathering around the main stage, while Reggae Barbie (main stage host) kept the vibes alive with her awesome Dj skills while the twins were doing soundcheck, the more we got close to the actual show time the more people gathered all together under the stage, until the moment they have been announced and got into the stage driving people crazy and ready to dance and sing along.  Personally I could stay hours listening to them and would never get bored, they get me in a happy mood and people told me I have a huge smile when I see them playing. 

A fun fact about Mellow Mood: I started listening to their music around 2015, since 2017 I have been seeing them live every year in different parts of Europe, it felt nice keep the tradition going and see them at least once also in 2019  and in a different country, who knows where in 2020 we will see them perform XD. 

Some words about the festival in general, I liked it ! If you like swimming there is the lake, if you like lying in the sun there is the beach, if you want to play football there is the grass. There are many food points including a vegan/vegetarian one, the festival is very child friendly with activities for kids and not to be underestimate is quite well accessible for people on a wheel chair, so that everyone can enjoy the music and the atmosphere. 

As always the thing I like the most about festivals especially about the reggae ones is the atmosphere you can breath from the second you get close to the gate, everything is peaceful, none is there judging you, people is just there to have fun and enjoy the vibes. Definitely going to visit Rastaplas again next year ;). 

Photos and Article : Gaia Putrino 

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