martedì 2 luglio 2019

Over 40.000 people for Tuska 2019

As many of you might know our week-end was pretty packed up with heavy metal and 46 bands coming from all over the world.  

The 22nd edition of Tuska festival broke the record of 2018 creating an all time record of 43.000 visitors over the 3 days of the festival. 
On Saturday the festival was completely sold out with 15.000 people. 

This year the festival was a bit different, and things were added to the weekend ; there has been various conferences in the Solmusali area, and there was also an “expo” area with vendors selling music, making tattoos, piercing and many more. 

The other new aspect was Tiny Tuska, an event for children, that took place on Sunday afternoon. More than 500 little moshers turned up with their parents to pass the metal torch on to the next generation.

Some of the bands who filled our weekend were, Amorphis, Opeth, Sam1na, Battle Beast, Anthrax, Lost Society, Jinjer, Behemoth, Delain, Heilung, The Hellacopters and many more. 
We can't forget to mention Slayer on their Final world tour the only festival was Tuska. 

Tuska was as great as we remembered, its not only the music but the atmosphere that all these 43.000 metalheads bring with them.  

Thank you Tuska ! See you in 2020 !!!

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