lunedì 10 giugno 2019

The Rockfest 2019

At the dawn of the day after of an event as special as the Rockfest, you are at the same time out of words (for the amazement) and full of them ( to share ).
So first things first.
An overflowing gratitude for the Rockfest organization who trusted us once again to collaborate with them and for organizing such a special get together of possibly the best Rock bands to be found in the past, present and future of Rock music.
But now let's mention a few scattered names just to give you a taste of what it has been.
Blind Channel, powerful, amazing, ever growing. We've been following them since their debut and watch them now at the Perkele stage set the audience on fire has been an experience on their own. The future of rock looks shining bright in this perspective. And again, from the same stage, Kotiteollisus, 69eyes and many more. Great vibes.
Lordi, Within Temptation, Slipknot, Amaranthe, Disturbed. The epic, powerful present.
And finally, Ugly Kid Joe, Def Leppard, Kiss. A more mature audience for the Valhalla of Rock. Those who made history. Those who made all of this possible. In front of such top performer we can only bow, dance, go crazy and maybe shed some melancholic tears when reading on Kiss official t-shirt  "the last tour ever, the end of the road".
But let me tell you my friends, this Road will never end, since this is our stairway to heaven.

Blind Channel meet meeting fans

On the Stage


As the sun was at its lowest in the nightless northern night we waved our last goodbye to Rockfest.
'Til next year for a new edition !

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