martedì 7 maggio 2019

CDC Festival 2019

Hello people ! 

Have you ever heard of CDC Festival ? You are in the right place to discover about it ;). 

CDC festival is the biggest event of Afro-diasporic street dance culture in Germany ; the event will take place quite soon (so ya better hurry up in registering yourself)  in Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt in Berlin, from the 29th till the 2nd of June. 

CDC Festival, is a concept originate from the merge of two successful dance events: "top up dancehall camp" and "Cypher Dance Championship" organised by Top Up production and M.I.K. Family. 

Top Up production is a team of  six determined young women whose mission is to spread the Jamaican  dancehall culture vibes. 

M.I.K. was founded as dance crew in Berlin in 2006, today they are much more than “only” a dance crew. From social work, dance theatre, TV shows, modelling, DJ-ing to dance classes and organizing own events, the name is worldwide known. 

Workshops, show contests, dance battles, parties, conference, showcase, and above all, VIBES is what makes this event so special.

CDC Program 
Dance Culture camp
with 16 open level classes, the CDC festival offers a broad choice among different disciplines and styles, with teachers from all around the world.

The Dance Culture Clash 
and the “Culture Concept” are a fundamental part of the event. On June, 1st the Dance Culture Clash will welcome international talents and teams battling in several categories

CDC Festival Conference
A culture festival can’t miss the chance to promote knowledge and deepen aspects related to its focus and content.
This year the panel has been built around the idea of promoting and analysing dance as a space where relations originate.

More informations about the program and the festival => here 

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