mercoledì 3 aprile 2019

Wicked Dub Division live @ Acrobax (Rome,Italy)

Hello people !

Last Saturday we got to cover our first event in Rome, it was pretty exciting. 
We are talking about the Wicked dub Division meets North east Ska Jazz orchestra performing at Acrobax.

Wiked dub division is a project born in Pordenone (Italy), it started in 2014 out of the union of two well known names of the Italian dub scene, Michela Grena the voice of B.R. Stylers and Wiked Dub Division, the dub trio that has been active for already 10 years. 
North East Ska Jazz Orchestra, is a young reality born in 2012, with the wish of getting together many artists, from north east Italy, they are already active in spreading the Jamaican vibes.

Going back on the evening ; everything was pretty awesome, the night started with the Radio Torre sound System, which put the people in a good mood.
Around midnight the stage was filled with more than 10 musicians, all enjoying what they were playing and it was clearly visible they all loved what they were doing. The voices that filled the Acrobax were from the great and super amazing Michela Grena, Rosa Mussin and the fabulous Freddy Frenzy. 

Useless to say people went crazy, they were all dancing and moving in rhythm with the music, not bad for being the first even here in Rome, we are really looking forward to the next events.

P.s. we also got the chance to have a chat with Michela Grena, stay tuned because in the next days we will publish the interview ;) !

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