domenica 10 marzo 2019

SumeRR presents her new single and video "Old School"

In occasion of the International Women Day, we want to present you "Old School" the new single from the beautiful and talented Jamaican singer SumeRR.

This single is the first excerpt from the forthcoming debut album by Tressan Barnett, born in Mendeville (Jamaica) but resident in Tenerife (Spain). 

On her arrival to Spain SumeRR reached out to the veteran Ras Kuko, who by the way we got to meet and talk about his project "Reggae can help" during the last edition of Rototom Sunsplash, who helm the musical and excutive production of "Old School" 

The single "Old School" represents a beginning, a journey of sorts through the artist's origins. It's a demonstration of the multiple registers and styles among which SumeRR moves with ease : roots, dancehall, should, rap... all without ever loosing sight of her Jamaican roots.

On a sweet and powerful reggae riddim produced by Ras Kuko, with a taste of the past, the singer shows her versatile voice, able to pass from the enveloping melody of the refrain to the energy and originality that hardens the verses of "Old School". 

In this song SumeRR shows her essence, characterised by a voice as catchy as her presence on stage and by the freshness and boldness characteristic of Jamaican music. 

The video clip that accompanies the single tells a story of love "old style" starring SumeRR herself .

The song is available on all digital platforms.

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