mercoledì 13 marzo 2019

Attila releases new single and video ; Smile and Troubles

Attila announces new album, released first single and video "Smile and Troubles" 

Describing the origins of this track Attila says " this was the tune that pushed me to work on the album. For this reason in became the title track and first single : it fully represent my understanding of message music" 

Smiles and troubles, is the first single and title track from Attila's new album. Both the video and the single were released last on march the 8th. 

The Italian singjay is back with a new project, whose release day will be announced soon.

Attila has built the entire album around the concept of "smiles and troubles" - the balance between joy and hardship - able to narrate and denounce the daily struggles fro survival. At the same time it celebrates the ability to overcome hostile conditions, smile at the simple things and have empathy and solidarity with those who are fighting for a better life. 

The video's bolster Attila's lyrics with the faces and expressions of the characters who took part in its realisation. There are friends and special guests - like the Italian rapper Ensi and Egreen - but also many bystanders who joined the shoot spontaneously.

Some unusual props were used during the shoot, the life jackets in particular communicate a very specific message. The take a stance against certain type of rhetoric which accuses and supports a public debate full of hate and racism. 

"In support of the "Refugees welcome" message, we want to help those who offer real assistance. For this reason, we want to highlight the work of Baobab Experience ; an Italian  project which offers food, medical care, overnight accommodation and legal assistance for migrants. If you would like to support the volunteers at Baobab Experience, you can donate here . "

Listen to the song on Spotify => here 

And here is the video :

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