lunedì 4 febbraio 2019

Virtus - Music fi fight videoclip

 Here we are people ! After a super-slow start of this new year due to a few issues we had to work out, here we are suggesting you the best music, best artists and best content around ! Look just what happened a few weeks ago ! Just an healthy throwback for you all to enjoy !

"The Italian singer VirtuS presents the videoclip of the single Music Fi Fight, published by Regoldgreen Label. The song was recorded on the instrumental of the Follow The Oracle Riddim, published by the same label, produced by Fu-zion Amorion 'Pirate of Zion' and remixed in a stepper-wise just by VirtuS.

In an historical moment more and more marked by intolerance and on the exploitation of fear, music still remains a powerful weapon of non-violent struggle.

The video, directed by Matteo Montagna, was shot in Bristol, an English port city known for its lively underground music scene and symbol of the pirates and therefore of the journey and the encounter between different peoples and cultures."

 The single is available on all digital platforms.

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