giovedì 14 febbraio 2019

Rise and Shine ; Sun Sooley's third album

Throwback Thursday; today's throwback is about an album that was released back on December 2018, we are talking about the Senegalese born Italy based Sun Sooley, 
3rd  solo album  "Rise and Shine".

The album has been anticipated by three singles - Ghetto Life, African Rebel 
and African Rise Up. It has also been signposted by three video clips: 
Only Good Vibes; International (presenting the songwriter as ambassador of Senegalese reggae music); and One God, about Rasta One love philosophy 
(which, according to Sun Sooley, has lost much of its meaning in reggae music).
The album also includes songs like the acoustic Lonely Days, dedicated to his mother; Can’t Judge, about the imperfect human justice; and Rise Again, a revival tune in which the artist gives thanks for life. The album also features Meta Dia (from Meta and the Cornerstones) guesting on the track Treez And Beez.

Here is the video to One God 

Sun Sooley  on Spotify => here

Check this album out, and see ya in our next Throwback Thursday ;)

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