lunedì 5 novembre 2018

Shiraz Lane live @ Pato Klubi, Kouvola.

 - I have an ocean of memories 
reminding me what I used to feel.
Can't help but wonder
how everything could have been- 

On Saturday we got the chance to see again the wonderful Shiraz Lane. We had already seen them performing in Tuska Open Air during the summer, and it was LOVE.  After the RQLSummerTour ended I had only one thing in mind : do my best to see them performing again ; and then, here there is, a gig in Kouvola very close to here, and in a super cool location so why not going ?!
The location is Pato Klubi, which is situated into what looks like an old factory renovated as a event venue and art gallery. One more word about the venue : the crew working there was super nice and really made us feel welcome. 

It's about  8p.m., here are the guys coming from a door at the back of the room, some girls start whispering to their friends "here they are", "look !" , and..... here they are ready to make the people dance and sing for a good hour and half.  The nice thing  with Shiraz Lane music is that it gets you, and no matter what you had in mind, the second they get on stage, they are able to make you forget everything and just enjoy an hour of pure music, they have a strong energy and an even stronger way to interact with the audience.  This was their last gig as headliner since very soon they will be supporting the Swedish H.E.A.T. with One Desire around Europe.

Saturday was one of those night where you wish it'll never come to end.  
We are very happy to "host", Shiraz Lane here on our website, because it shines trough a lot, their determination and love for what they are doing. 

Keep up with the awesome work guys ! 

A bit before the gig we got the opportunity to have a chat with Hannes, the singer, so stay tuned because soon, VERY soon, we will share on all our medias the interview ;). 

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