sabato 6 ottobre 2018

"To the Foundation" new album for Forelock & Arawak -New release-

Finally the day we have all been waiting for what feels like an ice age has arrived  : Forelock & Arawak  second album ; produced by the one and only Paolo Baldini , “To the Foundation” is finally out !

Forelock & Paolo Baldini 
Photo by : Il marza

The album arrives signposted by the two singles “Roots and Culture” (released in march 2018)  and “Islander taking over” (may 2018) ; singles that have been the soundtrack to our summer while waiting for this masterpiece to be out in every digital stores.

The album features three Jamaicans artists : Luciano (in the “man next door”), Micah Shemaiah (in the “no tarry yah”) and the recently deceased Juba Lion (in the “deliverance will come”) ; singers with whom Forelock had a real connection and collaboration in the recents months. 

Forelock describes it with these words : “if Zero, the previous album released in 2015, was a way to announce the departure point of a musical team and the desire to break away from musical fashions, “To the Foundation” takes a strong stance on how music and its evolution proceeds to the present day. The call to get involved, to achieve something that goes beyond the packaging of a product, is the concept that will hopefully pass through this research into and discovery of the so-called Foundation” 

The role of Paolo Baldini was fundamental to generating a sonic environment where Awarak’s music, the lyrics and voice of Forelock and the sound of Dubfiles intersect under a single alchemy.

We have been listening the album track by track, personally I feel very attached to the track “Roots and Culture” but the whole album is something spectacular, 12 tracks of pure music. 

For sure “To the foundation” will be the sunburst soundtrack to our cold and dark winter.

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