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Interview with Groundation -Rototom 2018-

During the RQL SummerTour we got the chance to interview and meet many artists. Each of them left us feeling extremely good, happy but most important with a piece more to add to our cultural luggage. Life is a journey where we never stop learning. 

Today in the occasion of the release of their new album "The next generation", available in every digital store and available on a physical copy on their website (here). We are happy to host here on our website the amazing Harrison Stafford from Groundation, with whom we got the pleasure to have a short but awesome interview right after their show in Rototom Sunsplash. We hope you will enjoying reading it, as much as we enjoyed recording it ;).

Hi ! We never had the pleasure to meet before, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners ?

-Sure ! My name is Harrison Stafford, singer of Groundation. Groundations is a group which has been around for 20 years. We have done about 9 albums and its roots reggae like Burning Spear, Bob Marley but it's a fusion with jazz, polyrhythmic harmonic movements ; well its a roots reggae - jazz fusion

What did inspire you to make this fusion ?

-It's a part of me. Growing up my father was a piano player a jazz piano player, my grand father played saxophone. So Miles Davis and Charlie Parker were the music I grow up with, since I was a baby. And roots reggae from my older brother. I was maybe 9 years old when I listened to Bob Marley and Burning Spear. The vibrations culture. Roots reggae was "my" music and jazz was my father's. I started playing jazz when I was a teen-ager, like 15 or 16. Reggae is my beginning.

So music is something that is in your family, because basically everyone plays, but what is music for you ?

-Music is life. Music is the original language you know. Before there was crying and drumming in the wilderness and that was how we communicated. So music to me is a fundamental. Everybody knows earth, from its iron core has a vibration, the universe has a vibration. Every human being who is living has a beating heart, has a vibration. So music is life. If you surround the world with positive music energy would be positive and people would be positive and healthy and strong. If you surround the world with negative music, there will be negative people and they are gonna be sick. 

Was this your first time in Rototom Sunsplash ?

-No, We have been around many times. The first time was 18 hours drive from West France and we arrived just in time to go on stage, quickly and it was raining. It was in Osoppo Italy. Long time ago 2005. So that was our first time. Since then we played six times. 

Did you find any differences between the first time and today ?

-Not in the public, in the people. Reggae music brings a certain person. Open minded, seeking, hopeful, joyful. So wether your are in Italy or Spain we are all brothers.

We know you have been working on a new album (which btw was released today !!) that will be released soon. What it is about and what did inspired you to make this album ?

-The next generation. Which is very close to my heart. I have three children, so in my life the next generation is very important, I see it everyday. As we get older we begin to look and see what it is we're passing to our children. We find this world is not a good place, so we need to pass on tools who's gonna make them strong, make them overcome obstacles and give them strength for difficulties to handle them. So the inspiration for the next generation, this album, was there in my life. And its coming from the previous Groundation. The previous album is called "Miracle" and its about the female, the empress, the mother of creation and from male and female is the child, the next generation.

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