lunedì 27 agosto 2018

Rototom Sunsplash 2018 -Last days-

Rototom Sunsplash was the lat stop of the RQL SummerTour. We can’t say that the “depression post festival” didn’t hit us, cause we will be lying. 

The 25th edition of the festival that gather over 200.000 people from over 60 countries from all over the world was simply the best way to end our tour. Even tho it was only our second time in Rototom this one has been the best one, and we will keep the memories from this edition till the end.  Everything was simply great and everyone was so nice from the security to the staff, from the stage technicians to the artists. 

The last two nights have been filled with love, dance, and a fantastic line up. 

Night 6 started with the Spanish Green Valley, and there couldn’t have been a better way to start the day, the band itself is a hit of positivity, sending out messages of love and happiness.
Followed by the Italian wave made with one of the  biggest Italian reggae artists Africa Unite & Train to Roots featuring Nina Zilli, Raiz, Michela Grena & Giuliano Palma. Useless to say that they really got the audience crazy, there wasn’t a single person not dancing during their set. 
The Italian Reggae All Stars were followed by the great one and only Mellow Mood.

The very last night there was the usual parade that ended up in front of the main stage, where a huge heart was drawn on the ground and where everyone got into, to show that we are ONE LOVE.  While on the main stage we had names such as The Mighty Diamons, Konshens & Dub Akon, Tarrus Riley ft Dean Fraser & Black Soil Band, Orishas. The bands that kept us dancing till the last seconds of this editions were again Train to Roots followed by Villa Ada Posse that kept singing till the sunrise. 

Seeing the sunrise coming over Rototom and the people starting to pack everything and leaving has been pretty melancholic. Because that sunrise meant that the festival was over. That everyone would go back to its “normal life”, but I’m pretty sure everyone of us went back home a little bit different  and with something more than when we arrived to the festival, for sure we are going back home with a huge bag of amazing memories. 

“25 years ago 4 kids, three students and a bakery, had a dream, a small project that 25 years after became a global event. If you have a dream believe in it, go for it and you will succed” This is one of the sentence Filippo Giunta (one of the 4 founders of the festival) said during his  wonderful speech after the last gig on the main stage. 
Below is the link to the speech video, I suggest to you all to give it a look and a listen, because you will get the chance to know better what Rototom really is. Rototom is LOVE. Rototom is a place where there is no discrimination, where every one in welcome, and everyone is treated the same regardless their nationality, their religion or sexual orientation, Rototom. Is that place the even tho is only a week a year you can feel home ! 
As a media we couldn’t be prouder to support and promote all year long this festival, that is more than just a festival ! 

Rototom see you next year !!!

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