sabato 25 agosto 2018

Rototom Sunsplash 2018 - Day 5-

In its 25th years of activity, one of the main feature of Rototom has been spreading love.  Love trough music, love in welcoming any kind of guests from older to younger, with all kind of different abilities. Love thrugh respecting nature.
This year Rototom decided to show love throwing an helping hand to Proactive Open Arms.
So far in 2018 more than 1500 people lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea, many of which were children, many of which were parents.

The NGO working between Lybia and Italy have it worse, being both countries committed in the inhuman behaviors of blocking NGO boats, closing their harbors and denouncing NGO volunteer workers. 

Rototom people gathered in the social forum to listen to Leticia Cabo Lozano, Manuel Blanco, Ivan Prado, Miquel Ramos and their brave and heartbreaking stories, to say NO to all this, to show that this year motto "walking together" is real and it means that we are marching together along with our most unfortunate brothers and sisters on the way to a better world. And to give a real support to Open Arms, all the proceeds obtained through the system of reusable cups has been destined this year to the humanitarian rescue vessel (to read more check this POST

In the end the amazing Ras Kuko presented his project Open Arms Riddim, project dedicated to raise founds for the NGO Open Arms. 
As radio we also had the chance to talk with Ras Kuko, before his powerful show on the Lion stage, so stay tuned to read the interview in the next days. 

A few musical highlights from day 5 night ; after Ras Kuko we had the chance to see Zion Train performing on the Lion stage as well, for their 30th years anniversary concerts. The incredible dub band from UK featuring the Italian Dub master Paolo Baldini, Raiz, Dubdadda, Paolo Polcari & Nish Wadada (which we got to interview after the show, so stay tuned ;). The show was an explosion of energy, love and fun.

A rush on the main stage area allowed us to see two more gems performing, Protoje and Alborosie two icons of the Red Gold Green movement. 

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