sabato 18 agosto 2018

Rototom Sunsplash 2018 -Day 2 -

Sun and rain took turns blessing the second day of  Rototom 2018. As this year's motto says ''25 years walking together'' either in the festival and in the camping place everybody seems to be in constant motion, walking from place to place, form activity to workshop to finally dance the day ( and the night ! ) away once the sun goes down.
In the windwhirl of things available here some of yesteray's highlights ( beside the music of course).
At 16:00 in the Reggae University we had the chance to see 'The Harder they come', followed at 18:00 by the conference 'Who jump the gun' Violence in Contemporary Jamaica. After these two interesting  but kind hard sessions, we  enjoyed  innocence and colors in the Magico Mundo, enjoying the kids playing together despite the different languages ( kids are always the greatest teachers !) and in the Zona Urbana-Skate Park where older and younger together could experiment with Parkour with the super kind crew who led the workshop with kindness and challanges for everybody.
The long night of the main stage started at 20:30 with Groundation (which we had the chance to interview, so stay tuned ) to go on with Sly&Robbie ft Yellowman, Johnny Osbourne and Bitty McLean to finish with the one and only Jimmy Cliff.
On a sie note, the success of this edition it's such that at least until today the camping site is sold-out unless you bought your place as pre-sale ! To keep in mind the next time !

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