venerdì 17 agosto 2018

Rototom Sunsplash 2018 -Day 1-

Last year was out first year in Rototom Sunsplash, the biggest European reggae festival. When we left the gates of Rototom we made a promise to ourself that we would come back to the festival the year after as well. Well after many kilometers here we are ! Same place, same vibes a year after. 

The 25th edition of the festival that brings together every year thousands of people, from different countries, different backgrounds, different lives with only a thing in common : the love for the music and life, has officially started yesterday. 

Even if it was the first day we can say it has started pretty well, with music from 9 different stages, a very interesting reggae university conference with Koffee, circus and also a percusion parade. 

Julian Marley (which we got to interview so stay tuned) was the first name for the Main stage, and was followed by the great Cocoa tea ft Koffee and to end the incredible night for the main stage Ben Harper ! 

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