sabato 4 agosto 2018

-Montelago 2018- day 2 chronicles

The second day in the Middle Earth has flown away. A wind whirl of interesting activities, emotions, feelings. In the afternoon a short rain has cooled down the heat letting the montelago people enjoy their day even more. The festival during the day is a lot of fun, people basically living their everyday life all together, from showers to food shopping, from cooking to resting, all of this interwined with the daily activities offered. But it is during the night that Montelago really wakes up. The first show held on the main stage has seen the amazing Mortimer McGrave warm up the spirits. Flashing lights through the night, the unmissable ‘VALERIO’ scream (trademark of the festival, if you want ask more !) to keep us company until the Circle of Fire. The Circle of Fire is a gathering of fire jugglers, fire breather\eater which keep showing year after year that playing with fire ain’t always dangerous. The show has been amazing. In the cold, humid dark air of the plain, smoke and flames filled the Avalon Arena. A thrilling experience where joy and fear play a game of hide and seek . The night went on, on the notes of The Mahones and Digresk on the main stage with the final act in the Mortimer Pub with Lou Tapage. 
Another glorious day in Montelago has gone by … 

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