venerdì 3 agosto 2018

Montelago 2018 : day 1 chronicles

Yesterday the magic kingdom of Middle Earth opened its gates to their people. Montelago Celtic Festival started its XVI edition between horns blowing, kilts twirling and fire sparkling. Montelago people gathered in the plain since wednesday, too eager to be there to wait one more night. Old faces and new comers, long time friends and new acquaintances, everybody is welcome, everybody is included. 
Soon after 18:00 the first celtic wedding is held in the tent near the great Harp of Rebirth (Arpa della rinascita) but it's only at 21:00 that the music festival officially starts from the stage of the Mortimer Pub.
And the first epic night takes off for the joy of its people.

People of Montelago

Celtic wedding ceremony 

 Ideators of the Harp of Rebirth (Arpa della rinascita) 

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