lunedì 6 agosto 2018

Montelago 2018 Chronicles : the last day

As every year, Montelago ends on Lughnasa (Lammas). The day has been filled with events, the Rugby tournements, the battles, the donkey rides and celtic weddings. In the evening the conference with Jonathan Symmonds, the animator for the 3D dragons of Games of Thrones series has gathered hundreds of people in the Montelago Square. But as the sun is about to set a big crowd starts gathering in historical camp for the kindling of the Sacred Fire to celebrate the long Lughnasa night, a night of music, fun, dance and spirit, either the flowing one and the one which makes your heart flutter, when you think that already another festival has gone by and the year is more than half way flown.
When at 6  of sunday morning the music stops, Montelago people knows that the dream has come to its end again for another year. Montelago might be a smaller festival as for the size, but with the biggest heart. A true glimpse in the Middle Earth, where people is different but the same aim. Where we may differ in look, background, origin, but we are the same soul.
While the camping and the endless campervan plain is unbuilt, the trucks are going back and forth bringing away generators, the Montelago Square tent is put down, Montelago people can't help but rise a melancholic look and start dreaming of next year's festival. Because Montelago Celtic festival is more than music, is more than celtic culture, it is family <3 

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