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Meet Paul Moldovan, the romanian dancer dreaming LA -Interview-

So here we are with a new interview for you !

Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to this fantastic dancer and choreographer  from Romania, currently living and working in China and dreaming of LA. 

Enjoy the interview ! 

We still didn't had the pleasure to meet you. Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners ?

Hello there. My name is Paul Moldovan, I’m a 26 years old dancer from Romania who decided to turn his hobby into a profession and this was actually the best decision of his life.
Dancing took me in almost every corner of the world. From all around Europe to USA, China and even Middle East.
I danced for a lot of Romanian Singers and almost all the big TV productions, such as “The Voice of Romania”, “X Factor” etc. Worked with brands such as Chio Chips, Coca Cola, Martell. And even had the luck to dance and choreograph at some point for international singers. 

How did you started dancing and what is dance for you ?

Before dancing I used to play basketball in my small town local team. I was the captain of the under 18 years old team. But at some point I turned out 18, so theoretically I wasn’t able to play there any longer, which came for me as a blessing because anyway, deep inside my heart, I didn’t want to do that anymore. So I finally had the guts to try out some street dance classes. I always liked watching tv shows about dance or dance movies such as “step up” “you got served” but I never had the courage to try going to dance classes until I quit playing basketball. 

Dance for me is my mentor. It guided me through life since I was 18. After I found it, I don’t really remember having lots of moments when I fell lost, I knew that whatever situation I had in my life, good or bad, I could rely on dancing to express and release my feelings. And at some point it became also my profession, the good partner who helped me getting an income without having to spend the regular 9 to 5 in an office, and the partner who made me feel blissful at every new achievement, collaboration, project I had until now.

You have been a dancer for Faydee, tell us something about that experience ?

It was January 2017. I recently finished dancing in the X Factor 2016 season and also recently came back from Los Angeles where I spent 5 months. I got a call from Rares, the other dancer who performed for Faydee telling me that the team is looking for a new dancer and Faydee liked me based on my videos and my activity. So I started my journey with Faydee team, first concert being in Dubai. I just couldn’t believe what was happening at that moment. That was just the beginning. Soon I started traveling all sorts of countries in his World Tour, having the chance to see and explore amazing places, and perform in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans of him. This period of time I also had the chance to choreograph some of his songs like “What is love”, “On my Way”, “More” and his Media Music Awards 2017’s show in Romania. Beside the professional relationship between us, it was also a nice friendship, having fun with nonsense topics or really deep conversations. Even if it’s almost one year since I start working in China and stopped my activity in his team, we still keep in touch. 

Which is the best memory you have as a dancer ? 

There are lots of good memories. Almost every moment is really special in its own way. But I definitely remember when after only one year of dance I won a national street dance championship with my own dance team, or when I was on stage for the first time with a singer which happened to be the retro legend Snap! for whom I also did the choreography at Transilvania Music Event 2014. When I passed the audition for The Voice of Romania after only 3 months after I moved to Bucharest and really started dancing as a profession, was also an unforgettable moment, or the first concert with Faydee in Dubai. 

What are your plans for the future ?

My plans for the future are to move to my dream city, Los Angeles and step up my career even forward by dancing for the biggest singers of the world in their tours. I don’t have the exact details of my future plans, I’m growing as a person everyday, learning new and different things, so I really want to give life some space to surprise me. 

It was a pleasure to meet Paul, and know more about his works. Keep up the great work and we really wish your dreams will come true ! 

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