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Interview with Paolo Baldini -Overjam 2018-

A few weeks back during Overjam reggae festival we got the chance to interview a the Italian Dub Master Paolo Baldini, who will perform also in Rototom Sunsplash tomorrow 20th of august on the Lion stage with Zion Train. 

Enjoy the interview ! 

Hello Paolo, 
We never has the chance to meet before. Would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners ? 

-Im Paolo Baldini, Dubfiles, I’m producer for Tempesta Dub, which is an indipended label whithin “La Tempesta” records. Im also a producer for Mellow Mood, Awarak & Forelock and for 3 allegri ragazzi morti. I have a background as regga musician as I played with B.R. Stylers  at the beginning and then for almost 10 years with Africa Unite, and here Iam now.

How did the love for music start ? 

-Well, at the beginning of 90’s I started to get close to music. At the time, for a young kid, musicians were very strong models. So many kids got started with a guitar, a drum….. This was how I started to neglect my studies and concentrate on music and at mid 90ìs I got hit by reggae. 
At the beginning it seduced me in its more psychedelic form ; dub, English dub…. The first reggae show I went were Zion Train at the beginning go the 90’s, so I walked a long path so far. I got acquainted to roots reggae and Bob Marley only later.  Dub sound was the most seducing part for me.

You talked about Zion Train, you will be at Rototom with them. How that feels ? 

-Im really happy. Zion Train have been how it all began, way before really understanding all the point of traditional reggae movement. When you approach the sound system culture, especially the English one, you enter in a certain “flow”. Instead I was just a Zion Train fan. I didn’t know anything else. I used to buy their records and they were for me just my icon. They have been so important for me, I started to play bass guitar trying to emulate their lines. 

I can image the feeling then. What would the kid you once were feels about this ? 

-That kid would probably fall in love with himself at the idea of such thing.

When you started, did you think to get to the point of playing with your favorite band from childhood, to produce big names and all this ? 

-I didn’t expected this, but I imagined this all the time.  Because dreaming, or imagining happy things coming, is the right way. Of course is up to you to keep up with the delusions and the satisfactions to be faithful to your vision. I was quite lucky, but also very determined. 

Yesterday (during Overjam festival) you performed and on the dub stage. Was this your first time here at Overjam ? 

-No it wasn’t. I played here already at the time of Riversplash. But it was the first time with the Dubfiles Project.

How were the vibes ?

-It has been beautiful, as I come from months of touring with Mellow Mood. I had the time to do Dub files and every time is a great feeling. 

We heard from the Overjam University, that you just finished the dub version of “Large” . How’s the feeling ? 

-Well it’s exciting. When you produce an album, you always think to the potential dub version in post production. Very often, while mixing an album I naturally set aside something for the possible dub version. 

What projects do you have for the future ? 

-Im working on Forelock new album, which will be a wonderful piece, a lot of energy around it. So I have very high expectations. I’m very happy and it will be done in the next weeks. It will be out in the autumn. And of course Im also working on a few things for my Dub Files project. 

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