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Interview with Mellow Mood -Overjam 2018-

A few weeks back during Overjam Reggae Festival, we got the chance to interview one of our favorite reggae band ; Mellow Mood, the morning before their show of the main stage. We already had the pleasure to talk  and see them twice last year and it was a joy for us to talk and see them performing this year as well. 

Enjoy the interview ! 

Hello guys ! First of all how are you ? Ready for tonight ? 

-We are fine and ready, yes !

Is this the first time here in OverJam ? 

-No, we already played here at least once but I have been (Giulio talking) at the time of Riversplash at least 10 years ago.

We met about a year ago at Rototom Sunsplash. In these months so many things happened, and among them the release of your new album “Large”. Tell us something about it, how was the process, the feelings while recording…..

-To record this album we had to stop a few months, almost a year. Usually we have the “bad habit” to keep touring and in the meanwhile record too.  Instead this time we decided to do things  differently and work to the album in the rehearsal room, working all together on the basic idea of a song and only after going in the studio with Paolo. This has made a huge difference, and all the process was much more enjoyable for us, than working on a ridden on our computer and then going in the studio separately with a very tight deadline. 
It has been a collective birth.
With Paolo the work was very different ; the first three days we recorded bass, drum and guitar, then we went to Rimini where our keyboard player lives and we recorded there. We recorded the voices later, singing two, three times each songs and picking the best one. 
(Lorenzo talking) Me and my brother, we were in front of each other and it was really beautiful. I’m sure we will work on the next album the same way.

Few days ago was released the video of “String up a sound” , the video starts with the name of three cities ; why ?

-Because what it is shown in the video, happens in those three cities. It was a crazy idea we got. 
You know, when you tour all the time you fall in love with certain places and you try to include the people you meet there in what you do. It’s not the first time we shoot a video abroad, but put together 3 cities and 10, 15 people, well it was our first time ever, but we really wanted to do that.
There was a sort of central organization which was directing three different film makers. 
In Kingston there was Fernando Hevia.  Lisbon, is one of our favorite cities we already shoot a video, once around Lisbon so we have contacts there too. Instead we went to London, it happened that one month before our gig at Brixton Jamm we were so thrilled so we wanted to shoot a video in London too. But three videos in three cities would have taken so long so we decided to do one video in three different places. 

Always talking about videos. “Dance inna Babylon” hit 50.000.000 of views on youtube. How do you feel at the idea to have reached so many people and that so many people feels like your video/song is also bit about them too ?

-This was very surprising to us too, if you think that the other videos don’t have so many views as Dance inna Babylon. That song went some how viral and as I just said it is surprising for us because we would have never imagined at the time what could have happened with that video. 
If you think that it wasn’t even uploaded on our youtube channel, since at the time we didn’t even have one, we never thought youtube could ever become so important.  It is nice that goal was reached in a 10 years span very naturally without any kind of marketing to reach it.  (Giulio talking) If I think it was so unreal when it reached 1.000.000 views, we had a gig around then and we even made a cake to celebrate. 

Is everything going as you expected ? The response to the new album, the tour which is already at its second leg…. 

-During the first leg of the tour in the clubs, we decided to make less dates in bigger venues, and it was rather hazardous because the tickets were more expensive than the average reggae gig. But in the end it went well. Now we just started the summer tour and its going so well. The album also is having a great response from the public.  We are at very peace with this album, you know the problem is when you know you could do more, give more. But this time we did all we could. The next one will be even better, but this one couldn’t be better than this ; even if of course we know now what we could have done better. We have no regrets about Large, and we couldn’t be happier.

What are your plans for after the summer ? 

-We will keep touring, I think for the next year and half we will be touring with Large, The dub version of Large by Paolo Baldini, will be released in the autumn. We will keep touring Europe and cross the Atlantic but it is still to be arranged so I can’t say more. 

Here is the interview, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed making it. And guys see you soon in Rototom ;). 

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