sabato 14 luglio 2018

OverJam 2018 - 13th of july chronicals

The second last day of the 7th edition of OverJam festival, was an incredible day.
It has started with 3 wonderful interviews with some amazing people, the first one was with the italian Mellow Mood, a band we have been following for a few years now and which we really love. Soon after we had the chance to meet and talk with the great Dub Master Paolo Baldini ( who had performed on the Dub Stage just the day before along with Andrew I. And last but not least the wonderful Sista Awa. ( Stay tuned to know what we talked about !!)

In the afternoon we attended the daily OverJam University hosted by David Katz, where Macka B talked with us about the Sound System culture in the UK.

Finally at the sunset the long reggae night begins.
The slovenian Siti Hlapci started spreading the good vibes that reached the audience as a powerful wave. Wave that turns into a real seaquake when Sista Awa hits the stage. In spite her young age she can reach with her powerful voice and killer lyrics, older and younger people in the audience.

From a young promise of reggae to an old pillar : Macka B. Macka B is well loved in the area, being the first ever reggae artist touring the former Jugoslavia ( Slovenia,Serbia  and Croatia). With his incredible energy he has engaged the venue with his catchy and humorous but yet paked with spiritual and political messages lyrics.

The next (and last for the night) on the main stage are Mellow Mood. Dark dressed, with colorful dancing lights, twins Jacopo and Lorenzo have delighted the public with an overview of their hits, from the oldest to the newest from their last album 'Large'. Well past midnight the music ends, leaving us filled with love and joyful vibes. Worthy ending for a wonderful day.

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