venerdì 13 luglio 2018

Over Joyed at Overjam - 12th july chronicals

After a rather wandering trip across Europe, sailing on the northern see and climbing over Balcan mountains with our big magic campervan we arrived at Overjam. The place seems just like an enchanted kingdom, with a luscious forest where set the tents, a pristine shore on the most blue river you could think of and a colourful, happy loving bunch of reggae enthousiast from all over the places. Not even the heavy rains which showered the area could extinguish the sacred fire of reggae music.
After a few days of warming up yesterday was the first 'big' night (and day) here.

We had the chance to attend a wonderful session at the university with Mellow Mood and Paolo Baldini, which later on was the king of the Dub stage, gathering a large crowd of dancing colourful human beings uncaring of the pouring rain. As it often happens the small joys of everyday life are interwind in these big events, and Jimmy, the youngest of RQL crew, lost his first tooth while dancing at the sound of the great dub master. Life happens while you're busy...

As the evening was fading into the night the excitement of the venue in front of the main stage rised at critical level as Ziggy Marley was about to start his performance. From dancing babies with colourful earmuffs even bigger than their little heads to older fans and devouted rastafarian, everybody was eager for the show to start. Being able to witness a performance of one of the Marleys it's always a great emotion. You find your younger self who used to dance at Bob's music and dreaming of have been able to see him live, shaking hands with your actual self, lucky enough to be there enjoying an amazing almost mystical performance.
And now forward to another festival day !

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