mercoledì 18 luglio 2018

Esclusive ! SOJA's first italian gig

Under a pristine sky, lovingly watche over by a perfect crescent moon, the catchy music invites us  to dance.
We're in Beky Bay, wonerful venue straight on Igea Marina beach.People is gathering for the great night ahead, making themselves comfortable in one of the cozy lounges or quenching their thirst or hunger in one of the different elegant booths.
The opening act for the night is Galup. As he hits the stage the audience immediately starts getting into the mood. The vibes from the stage are joyful; words of freedom, of love and plain fun flow in the mellow sunset air. Almost a hour of pure musical pleasure.


Just the time to catch a breath and let a few more enthousiasts reach the venue and the atmosphere on stage get's ready to welcome SOJA, all the way from the US, in their first date in Italy for this summer tour.
When the eight men hit the stage the crowd is delirious. For the RQL crew it was a dream come true, as we have been following the band for years but never had the chance to see them live. Our expectations were not deluded.
Guitars as powerful as a metal band, brass and winds worth the finest jazz, rythm and percussion from the caribbean and lyrics, moods and vibes which spells REGGAE at every note.
The armony among the Soldier Of Jah is as delightful to see as their music is to listen to: Jacob Hemphill, the front man, is a great host and performer who is overly careful to share the spotlight with his long time friends.
The lights go off; the show is over but the audience is not. "One more song" is the plead of the SOJA people and after a few moments I Believe (originally ft. Michael Franti and Nahko) is the answer.
Now it is really over. A wonderful night in a perfect setting to enjoy the best USA reggae around.
Thank you to all those who created the magic for us to enjoy, from the Beky Bay to Sulla Sabbia, to Galup for warming up the stage, to SOJA for living their dream and inviting us have a glimpse of it.

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