mercoledì 25 luglio 2018

Dance! Montelago Celtic Festival for a better and brighter future...

The 2,3,4 of august, in Taverne di Serravalle di Chienti, in the heart of Appennino Mountain, while out there in the world anger and rage grow, the small powerful elite gather even more privileges and people trusts xenophobes an superficial mouvements, the Montelago People is here to share their message of beauty, armony an closesness through dance as free expression of body and mind. Dance as a way to get closer an not apart, to merge generations and places.

The XVI ed. of the Fantastic festival of Middle Earth task is just to make all those who believe in a brighter and better future dance at the sound of the best bands devoted to this mission.
A vortex of 24 gigs on three stages, between historical celtic music bands, Montelago productions and younger bands from the 4th European Celtic Contest.
Even dragons will dance straight from UK with the 3D dragons of Games Of Thrones and their creator J. Symmonds.

And don't forget the Fantasy writing class-contest with the Holden School, prof. Cata' lessons in the Tolkien Tent and, for the first time at MCF, the Battle for Vilegis, the biggest role play event in Italy. As usual many workshops of fine arts, dance and many more out-doors activity in the Montelago Academy.
This year in the camping area of the festival will be possible to rent ready made tents, shop at the minimarket for local proucts and rest in a shaded area along with the usual food booths and celtic market in the festival area.

Everybody is welcome at Montelago Celtic Festival ! Just bring your joy and faith in a better tomorrow and we will dance along ! See you there Montelago people <3

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