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Las Bajas Pasiones : interview

A few weeks ago I bumped in one of the most joyful and intriguing music video I came across in a long time. It sparkled some curiosity over the band singing the beautiful and catchy tune '' Sigo Bailandolo'' : Las Bajas Pasiones. The guys are super-kind and agreed to answer a few questions for RQL! So here it is ....

Hello!  Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers ?
 - Las Bajas Pasiones is a project that flits between electronic experimentation, synthesizers, danceable rhythms and electric guitars. This blend provides the backdrop for lyrics that talk about gender deconstruction, heartbreak, and drugs, both in rap and singer-songwritter form.

- When did you start playing together ? How the idea of the band  and how would you describe your music ?
 - We met one year and a half ago in a Bar in Barcelona and the next week we already had our first track together, after some time doing concerts, Toni Bello appeared in our way and came into the project. The idea was to mix different styles, those we came from, like the rap, pop or electronic and speak about our queer experiences with the acid point of it.

- What inspires you writing your music ? Tell us something about the writing process.
- In general, we are really intense with lack of love but also we like to include in our lyrics some optimism and want to kick the " heteropatriarchy".We either make the lyrics together or we write each by ourselves, then we share in common and transform it, as well as other times,   the melody emerges before the lyrics.

Which message can we find in your lyrics ?
- Downplay the dramas, dancing after a breakup and celebrating, that nonetheless,  life can be a party and whoever opposes, we will nail our " feather or pen

 - Your album Rizomas Salvajes was released in february. Tell us something about it.
- The Rizomas Salvajes are 10 cuts that we have had throughout our first year together, almost all that we have recorded  was at home and in a distance, as we lived some in Madrid and the others in Barcelona.
 This Disco is just the beginning hahaha 

- Which is your favourite song ?
- With time we are taking care of some tracks and start to be bored  of others songs, but Sigo Bailando and Rizomas Salvajes are our unconditional favourites.

- Our favourite song of yours is "Sigo Bailandolo" too, would you like to tell us something about this song and the video ?
- The video was recorded one party day, a meet up of friends, in a cruising area of Barcelona, with music, drinks and food, just with the purpose to have a fun day. The track speaks about the positive point of view of a relation finished, not like a default or failure, but like an enriching experience and those memories can make you dance!

- Any plan for the summer ?
- We are fucked, we will be working in shit jobs till September, the next season is coming strong. So far we have some concerts in Barcelona 23rd of June and 29th of July, and in A Coruña Pride (Galicia) on 30th of June.

Where can our listeners follow you ? ( social\youtube\website)
We are on Spotify, FR, Intragram and Grindr ;)

Thank you Las Bajas Pasiones for this interview and for your music !
Keep up the great job you're doing, we can't wait to listen (and dance) more !

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