venerdì 1 giugno 2018

"Audizioni per una gatto nero" first album release for Skerna & Aperkat

Audizioni per un gatto nero is the first album for the Italian duo Alessandro Domenici & Antonello Vespoli aka Skerna & Aperkat. The album has been released the 22nd of may by friend RedGoldGreen Label.

The album is a mix of emotions and a roller coaster of music genres, from jazz to Italian hip-hop, creating an alternative to “trap”.

Classic hip hop that is colored with pieces of jazz, soul, swing, and reggae developed by Aperkat that subtract and add to the frame that Skerna fixes on the disillusioned perspective of the new Italian generations.
Skerna lyrics talks of many different themes, from the hypocrisy of hip-hop business, to social problems to storytelling, analyzing a people harassed by the economic crise, with an uncertain future which makes it hard even to dream.

Many are the contributors from different musical backgrounds: Fulvio Gramegna at bass guitar, Natty Dub’s synths on "Ventuno e Supa cheap beat", and Shiny D’s on "Whoever you are e Sud pt3", Riccardo Gentile Lorusso’s guitar on "Bboy University", dedicated to the fight for hip-hop. Francesco Cipullo is on the piano on "Sud pt2" . Beside Skerna, at the vocals we find also Shark Emcee and many others like Dr Planner ( also at the scratch) Set poet, Janahden, Stray Quel and Eleonora Moro.

Audizioni per un gatto nero is the beginning of a research for a new kind of sound, grounded in the hip-hop but inspired by contemporary sounds and themes.

The only thing we can say to this album, it that it's a masterpiece with an overview of different music genres, and we totally recommend to ya'll to give it a listen. 

P.s. The guys will be guests @ JamAttack Radio next Saturday 9/06, on air straight from Italy  from 17.00 to 18.00 (Finnish time) 

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