giovedì 24 maggio 2018

Blood Brothers - Blind Channel @ Tavastia 23.05.2018

The adrenaline level in the audience is critical Ikina set the public on fire and now everybody needs fuel to burn. 
On stage everybody is feverishly working. The darkness. A movement. And from the hardcore fans rises a piecing scream. Boys are on stage. 
Dressed all white, they  start pouring their powerful, honest and straight forward lyrics over a delirious audience. 
Here’s the fuel everybody was thirsty of, and the venue starts burning.

Yesterday we finally had the chance to meet again the Blind Channel band before their headline gig in Tavastia’s stage (Helsinki). Even if tired and excited for the upcoming performance Niko and Joel have kindly answered all our question, talking with us about music, plans for the future growing up and working hard.
As a radio station we have seen Blind Channel a few times, either as opening act for other bands and as a headliners (like yesterday evening).

Their music have been broadcasted since we discovered them about 2 years ago, so it’s a real pleasure for us to witness it first hand how this five enthusiastic boys are turning into highly professional performers, musicians and song writers ; becoming the men we could already see when they hit the stage a few years back. 


Blind Channel <3 

Keep up the great work guys !! We are super proud of you !!

The interview will be out soon so stay tuned !!

P.s. Last moment news : Blind Channel will be the open act for Hollywood Undead in Germany, Hannover on June 19th.

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