martedì 23 gennaio 2018

Switch Off Babylon - The new video from Patois Brother

"The constant use of so many screens in our homes cause us to conform to Babylon’s norms and lose sight of what is really important, or simply leads us on the wrong path."

Photo from Run It Agency
Last week Patois Brother, the italian reggae band from Venice (Italy), made our tuesday nicer with the realase of their new video, for the song Switch Off Babylon.
We got to hear Patois Brother for the first time last august in Rototom Sunsplash, and has been love at first sight, their music and lyrics are amazing and it really and it really fascintes you in a way that not every musician is able to.
Switch off Babylon, is taken from the band latest album "Wise and Wild" that was relased last year, an album that not only contains great music with very meaningful lyrics but also a wonderful collaboration in the tune "Life Learning" with the Jamaican reggae legend Max Romeo.

The song and the album are both avaliable on every digital platform, and the link to the video is right here below.




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