giovedì 17 agosto 2017

Mellow Mood interview @Rototomsunsplash2017

Yesterday night we had the chance to finally meet in person Jacopo and Lorenzo from Mellow Mood. It has been great to talk with the guys about their show here at Rototom (they will perform tonight, so a few hours to go ! ), their expectations, their memories from past editions and their plans.

Hello Jacopo and Lorenzo, it is so nice to finally meet you guys in person ! I talked with Giulio a few months ago, it was february I think, did anything change since then ?

Well, now we play Jazz music ! (laughs) No just kidding ! What changed since then... well mainly our plans, I mean, back in februaryour focus was on the summer tour, now the tour is almost over and we're thinking what to do next.

So tomorrow (today) is the big day. How do you feel ?

Very well, much more relaxed than usual. This is probably the most important gig of the year so there are alwayz big expectations which can bring  some anxiety, but instead this year the feeling is much more relaxed, we're just thrilled to go on stage and play.

This is not your first time here at Rototom. This is your ...

12th time ... in Spain the third, but the 12th in Rototom. Since 2006 if we remember well. Of course not always on Main Stage.

The 12th ! Really amazing, so we can say that playing at Rototom is like coming home for you ?

Absolutely ! We feel like this is our festival, like everything you see is ours . It is like a second home to us.

What are your expectations for tomorrow's (today's) gig ?

Playing at Rototom is always a bit tricky you know, it is such an important festival. But we only expect good things, good energy, great vibes. We want to make people happy for the couple of hours they'll spend with us and our music.

Among the artists  playing here this year, with whom would you like to share the stage ?

L. Probably with more than one, we can't  remember the whole line up ; but  for example, if we are not wrong tonight in playing AIDONIA  in the Dance Hall stage, well I really like him, what has done this year, the single's he has got out have been all super cool. Defenetely there's more than one with whom we would like to share the stage.

Would you like to share with us a Rototom memory, you are especially you are fond of ?

Well for example, in 2009/2010 we won the Reggae Contest and that was the first time we played on Main Stage. That is our great memory. But as we said Rototom is like a second home and it is always wonderful. Last year we didn't  come and it felt so strange. It's always great. There are many different reggae festivals in Europe, but this one feels always special to us, with a wondrful atmosphere that you can hardly find anywhere else.

Could you anticipate us something about your future projects ? 

Now we are going to stop and record a new album. This is our projects right now. But we can't say more about it. We hope we'll release it next spring.

Thank you so much for this interview, has been amazing to finally meet you and talk to you in person. Keep up the great work you are doing and be always true to yoursefl because you are really amazing. See you up on stage in a few hours  !!

martedì 15 agosto 2017

Rototom Sunsplash 2017- Celebrating Africa

It was exactly one year ago in Loviisa, when we started daydreaming about covering Rototom Sunsplash as media. It has been a long year of working hard, brainstorming and promoting. But all our efforts have been rewarded by getting our accreditation. As an independent radio it has been a really exciting pursuit from such a big festival.

So here we are, are you ready for a walk inside the biggest european reggae event with us ?
Let’s begin with the media center, which is something you hardly ever see.

It is just on the left of the main stage, very cozy and useful area for every professional working here. 

But let's go on with our visit. The festival area is one of the most eclectic and sparkling you may imagine. Thematic areas, uplifting quotes and art everywhere, and delicious and spiced smells from the several ethnic restaurants. There are several stages displaying artists that go from old school roots to the most up-to-date Dance Hall, for every taste and age in the big reggae universe.

 This is the Lion Stage, the first one you come across when you enter the festival area, quite a welcome if you arrive when someone's playing !

 It was a bit too early for this stage when I took the picture, but here you can see the Dance Hall area, where the craziest and those with most stamina can dance and sing until the sunrise.

 And here we are in the real musical heart of the festival, the Main Stage and Radio Rototom. The greatest name have perfomed on that very stage.

And here you have a quick peek of my very favourite area : the Artisan Market, where it is possible to see many different kind of artisans perform their skills in front of the amazed eyes of adult and children.

If we want to find a downside of Rototom, it is not in the festival itself but mostly in the camping accommodation which could be better to meet the basic needs of such a huge amount of people (worst part is the lack of drinking water ) and the communication among the staff which is a bit poor. 

I really hope you enjoyed the stroll around the festival, we're surely happy to be here and we look forward to many more collaborations.