giovedì 13 luglio 2017

Interview with South River Allstars

Hello everybody,

as last year also this year we are going to be at Roots'n Boots festival in Stromfors Ruukki next week.
Thanks to this we had the chance to have a short chat with one of the band that will hit the stage, the band I'm talking about is the great South River Allstars band which will go on the stage as a first band at 13.00.

Before starting with the interview I would like to remind you all that there is a lottery going on on our facebook page, and you have the possibility to win two tickets for the festival.

Let's start with the interview :

Foto by Hannu Holmberg


Would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners ?
Hi, my name is Mika "Blues" Ikonen. I'm a bluesman from Porvoo.

I was as about 12 years old when I picked up guitar for the first time - and I never let it down...

Nowadays I sing and play guitar in a band named The South River Allstar with Pete Myllynen on drums and Markku Rauma on bass. Most of the songs we play are composed by me. Playing slide guitar - mainly dobro - is my true passion. Even though I often play 12-string acoustic at my solo gigs.

-Is this your first time at Roots'n Boots ? If it's so how are you feeling about ?

Yeah, this is the first time at Roots'n Boots for me and my band. Of course I'm happy for this opportunity to bring our music to new audience.

-What can we expect from your performance ?

Well, you can expect a very exciting musical soup of rhythm & blues (in it's original meaning), rock'n'roll and rockabilly. And as usual, some Southern Hoodoo will also be added for the flavour. ;)

We are the opening act and we'll give to audience a hard and merciless set of genuine roots music.
After our set we'll pack our gear and hurry to another gig at Tirmo Blues the very same evening. No rest for the wicked, eh? :D

-Do you prefer playing in festivals or at your own gig ?

They both have their benefits and it's really hard to say which I prefer. At festivals you can reach larger audience but at own gigs mainly in smaller clubs you can get so close to people - so to speak. One time I played in so very tiny place that the closest listener was just about one meter away. Very nice, warm and cozy feeling!
Thank you so much for this interview and see you very soon ! :)

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