mercoledì 19 luglio 2017

Interview with The Ronski Gang

Hello everybody,

Roots'n Boots it's only 3 nights away, to warm up the atmosphere here we are with another interview with one of the bands who will hit the stage on saturday ; the band we are talking about is the great The Ronski Gang.

Let's jump into it :) !

-Would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners ?

Hi. I'm Hans "Hate" Sjöblom and I play drums in the rock band The Ronski Gang and I've been playing in that band since 1968, from the very beginning.

The other original members are my brother and lead singer Ronski and the bass player Misteri. Btw Ronski means in English rough or something like that. Then we have two great guys playing guitars, Vesa Kääpä and Kiffe Sjöblom. Vesa is known for such bands like Leningrad Cowboys and Veeti Kallio etc. Nowadays we do a few gigs per year but in the 70's we did no less than 150 gigs per year. We have made altogether 8 albums and the latest The Elevens was released in 2011.

-Is this your first time at Roots'n Boots ? If it's so how are you feeling about ?

Yes this is the first time for all of us at Roots'n Boots but all I've heard is only good things about the festival. 

We haven't been playing in this region for a long time. So that's one reason why we are looking forward for the next Saturday.

-What can we expect from your performance ?

We gonna play our own music from nearly every our albums and also some covers fit for our own style. There's gonna be some old school rock'n'roll etc. We wanna make folks having fun, dance and sing along.

-Do you prefer playing in festivals or at your own gig ?
I can't say which I prefer. Both have their own good vibes. Anyway. In the end it's the attitude that matters. ;)

That's it ! Thank you very much and we really can't wait to see you at Roots'n Boots :).

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