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Interview with Andrea Baglio (IT)

Hello dear listeners and readers,
today we are back with a new and fantastic interview with the Italian actor Andrea Baglio.

We had the opportunity to have a phone interviewe with Andrea a few months ago, and finally the interview is ready to be spread around the world, so.... let's get started :

Hello Andrea,

Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners and readers ?

I'm just a young man that, as many others, had this wild dream in his heart, a childhood dream, to be an actor. I don't want to sound cheesy, but this desire is at the same time a curse and a blessing because the satisfactions arrive only after many struggles and sacrifices, but I never gave up and I tried to be brave and alwas kept the hope alive in my heart. In 2011 I started also using YouTube, and I have to say that thanks to this platform I could get, at 32, many of my dreams fullfilled, I have a wider public, I could try myself not only as an actor but also as a director and now, knowing that i have followers even in Finland ! What I could wish more ?

How did you discovered the world of acting ?

As I said, it has been very natural for me. Since when I was a child I loved to be under the spotlight, drawing attention to me with sketches and recitals I organized for my relatives. When I have been old enough I studied acting at Rome's academy for 4 years, I studied with members of New York's Actor Studio. I have always valued a lot my education in this field, because I think that as every other job, you need a high professionality, you need the knowledge of your means and how to use them at their best. I know people thinks 'everbody can act' and of course there are a lot of people out there who are just 'pretending' to be actors, but as everthing else, this is a profession in which you need the 'know-how' and you have to work really hard to achieve your goals.


You have been performing in television and in theatres, do you feel you are more a television ot theater actor ?

Well it's like asking to a musician if he prefers to play violin or guitar, they are totally different instruments, but you can play and enjoy both of them. I'm mainly a theatre actor, cinema and tv followed. Even acting on the web is very different, I think of myself as an actor who has learned his profession at the fullest. Of course when you're on stage it is very emotional, you can see your public, see their reactions,'' feel their feelings''. Cinema, tv and web are somehow more virtual, even if I don't really like to use this word, since anyways you will find a way to interact with your public\followers and know what they think of you.

There is a theatre in specific where you would like to perform ?

Well Finland would be a dream ;) : really, I think at the world as a huge stage and I would love to act everywhere, I live my own life as if it was a show of a sort, and I always try to end my days with a smile on my face. I try to give a meaning to all my days and to interact with people as i would be on stage, getting rid of any kind of mask, because I think that a good actor it is not the one who can pretend better than others, it is the one who can always be him\herself on stage as in life. ' Be, don't pretend'.

You took part in many weberies like : "Fuga dalla morte", "Come mi sono innamorato di te" and many more. Would you like to tell us something about these experiences ?

Well they're all very different, ''Fuga dalla morte'' (Flee from death) it's mostly sci-fi-horror while ''Come mi sono innamorato di te'' ( How I fell in love with you) it's a kinda of teen-drama so much more 'light'. Both of them anyway gave me the chance to work on different but very interesting aspects of my profession. For the first one I had to work a lot along the director (Michael Righini) to understand how to portray something that is not 'real', an untouchable unreal presence which is quite hard task. For the second one I was already 30 but I was portraying a younger man, 19\20 years old, so i had to lose weight, go to the gym and exercises a lot to look younger and more fit. I loved both of them and now both are among the most view series of YouTube Italy.

Is there a movie where you would have loved to act in ?

In my opinion, making indipendent productions has been my biggest luck. In Italy mainstream cinema and tv are a bit of a disaster, with neverending series that become very soon 'old' and boring and which can't give much motivation. Instead in the indipendent cinema I had the chance to do so many different things , now for example I am doing a fan movie about Harry Potter which is even recognized from Warner Bros, so quite of a big thing.

Which is the role of yours dreams ?

Honestly I don't have favourite roles, because I like to experiment and try new things. In ten year of career I have been a killer and a good man, a beggar and a millionaire. The main thing for me is to be true to myself, to set goals and try my best to achieve them.

If you wouldn't became an actor, what profession would you have choosen ?

Since when I was a kid I have always wanted to be an actor.
What is the thing you like the most about being an actor ?

Well this is the only job that give you the chance to show your inner and most true self. As I said before, I think an actor must not 'pretend' but find in him\herself that precise side of our soul which can portray at the best our character. Acting for me it's like watching my reflection in a mirror and being forced to see not only my brighter sides but also the darker ones. This is probably the main reason why I became an actor.

What are your plans for the future ?

My goal for this year is to learn how to play guitar, piano and maybe even taking some singing lesson. Until now I focused on acting, because I think it was better to put all my energies in one thing. Now I feel much more comfortable with my skills as an actor so I want to try to open myself to different forms of performing arts. I'm also very interesting in directing, and now my third corto is about to be released. This last work is very dear to me since I have been working on it for quite a long time, almost one year. The first one 'La prova' has had a lot of awards in many international festivals.

Do you have any tips for youth who would like to start an acting carreer ?

The main reason why someone should become an actor is the inner fire. The drive to pursue the career must come from within, otherwise studying and learning different methods you may also become a very good performer, but the public will know that you're not giving them nothing more than appearence, like an empty shell. In my opinion what makes you a great actor is that flame, that keep you going all your life in spite the fact that you have or not commercial success, money and big public. You may only perform for an handful of people but see your passion reflected in their eyes, you see their love and respect for what you do because you have given them so much. In my opinion, if you feel in your soul the call to become an actor, or any other thing, you should just do it and not living with the regret.

So this was the interview, thank you so much Andrea for making this interview possible.
Here below there is the link to Andrea Youtube channel and web site if you wanna give it a look.

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