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King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown

Greetings RQL listeners ! Today we're here with our old time friend Addis Pablo and his sister Isis, as they are working on an amazing project and of course here at RQL we definitly want to do our best to support them in this endeavour. But let's Addis and Isis do the talking now !

Greetings Addis and Isis, welcome back on RQL. Would you please shortly introduce yourself for our listeners and readers ?

I am Addis Swaby aka Addis Pablo son of Augustus Pablo,  I am a Musician and composer.

- I am Isis Swaby, an artist, producer, DJ and the daughter of Augustus Pablo, legendary musician and producer. I have been an artist since birth but for the past four to six years, I have been working more within sound and production. Also, I am managing my father estate with my brother, Addis. I have my hands in a few projects regarding my fathers work and legacy from design to music.

 Tell us something about the amazing projects you're working on right now: the re-issue of 'King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown' album .

  Addis :  Its  A Classic LP Created by our Father Augusuts Pablo one of the Pillars of Dub Music released over 40 years ago featuring the Dub Master King Tubbys in some of the best dub mixing in history the reissuinng of this album through Pledge music (Check it here ) was a choice we made to present this classic album in a way which will allow our dads fans and supporters to be a part of the release more then just supporting the product upon release but pre ordering the project so they can have the ability to add their name in the credits just to give a example of the ways which they can be a part of the release 

Isis: The projects are a reflection of what my father has created and now giving a piece of what we can to his ultimate music lovers of what he has created for 40+ years. We want to give special items, that we hand picked and we are looking to create memorable experiences such as we are pushing the Augustus Pablo Annual Tribute in Jamaica for June 2017; during my father birthday which is June 21st. We have one pledge experience available on Pledge Music (here) is to spend time with us during the tribute and experience the planning and have dinner with us to learn new things about us from our prospective. At the same time, the pledge will go towards to the estate to fund other special projects, the Rockers International, our record shop and add items into the shop as well.
  This project will include some never before released tunes by your father. Will it be original material recorded by him or it will be played anew ?
 Addis : The Album is a Reissue of the Classic King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown Album in its entirety,  including a few bonus tracks and unreleased version
 Isis: Of course, Original Music and also, special photos, personal information/stories and imagery to go with the music personally designed by us.
  Are involved in this project people who already worked in the original album?

Addis: We are always around the people who help create these works one of them being Earl Chinna Smith, however the release a reissue of the original  album not a remix or featuring any overdubs etc. 

Isis: For my father productions everything will remain the same. We plan on releasing in the near future more of Addis Pablo's works, from his new mixtape to his second album. I will be releasing some of my productions and mixes inspired by my father works and my experimental, dub and drum-bass productions.
Which label will release the re-issue ? Tell us something about that.

 Addis: The Label of release is Rockers International our dads label we intend to release most of our dads works on this Label or one of the other labels he created like Message, Yard, Pablo International.

Isis: Rockers Interntional label and shop is the focus for distribution of music and re-releases. In addition, VP Records/Greensleeves are doing re-releases for some of the classic albums, 'Original Rockers' recently was released.
 How do you both feel about this project, it is so important in keeping your father's legacy alive?

Addis: This project as any other project or works we carry out are mainly highlighting  the legacy and works of our father to continue the tradition of music he created, developing the business so it's able to sustain and maintain itself also creating more opportunities for spreading the works or delivering the message to the fans and supporters who have been with his music since its early days over 47 years ago.

Isis: I feel that working with the Pledge Music team closely with my father, Augustus Pablo's legacy will add to what my father has created but this will reach even more people from younger audience or to the core Augustus Pablo music lovers. It is important in keeping our father's legacy alive. Our father productions, artists and Rockers International foundation, keeps it alive but we will extend the story with our story and life in music and creation from Jamaica to Tokyo. We will keep the history and music, a live through projects like Pledge Music.
 Thank you Addis and Isis, we wish you all the best in this project, we can't wait to see it done ! 

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