giovedì 2 marzo 2017

Cesco announce new single

Hello dear Listeners and Readers and welcome back to a new post.

Yesterday we got the great new that Cesco's new single it's on the way.

Cesco is an Italian rapper that we got the chance to "meet" in this interview about a year ago.

As Cesco said in a message on his facebook page,

" It was march 2016 when I have started working on this song" Cesco said at the beggining of his message

In may 2016 Cesco decided to collaborate with Silvia Capasso and started together this adventure.

In august 2016 Cesco and Silvia have perfomed the song in Rome at "Stazione Birra"; everything was ready, the only thing missing was the lounch of the sinlge and of the video...... Today many things are different, unfortunatelly Silvia has died recently, leaving an empty in space in many people.

As Cesco said in the press release : "After that fact I have been in silence for days, I was not able to cry, I was incredulous and with pain in my stomach like after an unexpected punch ; filled with thoughths and questions.... Today I know that I have a song "L' Astronauta", that nobody knows, which Silvia loved , and I fiercly kept it as the most precious of treasures, but this treasure can't be only mine. Slivia 's voice belongs to her dear ones, to her town, to her public. So the Astronaut has to take off and reach the outer space and the soul of those who will listen to it"

The single will be relised in all the digital stores from sunday 12.03.2017, and the official video will be relised on wednesday 15.03.2017.

We really can't wait to hear this song, and we already know that it will be a great song.

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