giovedì 2 febbraio 2017

Naturaliss interview

Greetings listeners and readers,
we are really happy to host here on our web-site the great Naturaliss, from Jamaica.
Hello Naturaliss,

How are you ?
I am doing great.

Would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners and readers ?
My name is Naturaliss Reggae and Dancehall recording artiste from Islington St.  Mary Jamaica.

When did you started making music ?
 I started making music officially in year 2000 but I usually freestyle in school while friends would beat  the desktop as drums. 

Which is the message you like to spread with your music ?
My message is mainly motivation, Self-development and equality. 

If you could choose one artist/band to perform with who would it be ?
Jimmy Cliff but if Bob Marley was alive I would choose Bob Marley. 

Which is your biggest dream in the music field ?
My biggest dream is to win a Grammy Award and to reach people worldwide with my music; to travel the world and perform for people spreading the love. 

Do you have any plans for the future ?
Yes my plans for the future is to burry myself in the studio to create new content for my fans. 
Thank you so much Naturaliss for this interview. I really recomend to all of you to check out this great artist  on spotify & I-tunes 

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