lunedì 30 gennaio 2017

Thousand miles away : Karima journey

Greetings listeners and readers of  RQL, today, for our series of  Thousend Miles Aways interviews, we will have the chance to learn about Karima's story and journey  to Finland. Our dear friend Zabihullah introduced us to Karima and helped us as translator, so thank you to both Karima and Zabihullah for this article.

Karima was born in 1993 in Kabul and she is Hazara. When Karima was 4 or 5 years old she moved with her family (mother, 2 more sisters and one brother) from Afganistan to Iran after the loss of her father during the war. Karima's older sister is married and at the moment she is in Germany as a refugee, still waiting for her application as asylum seeker to be accepted or rejected from German governement. Six or seven years ago her brother suddently disappeared in Iran, and until now, nobody knows where he is. In Iran they had different kind of problems, the iranian regime is very harsh with refugees, it doesn't let refugees get any education or anything else, showing no respect for human rights. Also iranian people were very unsupportive, criticizing and taking stand along the governement against the presence of Afghan refugees in the country. Karima and her family lived in Iran for about 18 years, but she is not really sure, since all they went through during their stay she can't even remember well the details. After arriving in Finland she has started considering her situation, her whole life, and she realized that if she would have been living in this country (finland) for that many years, now she would have a very good life, education, peace. A very relaxed life.  She feels like she has lost forever her opportunity and chance to get education, because now she will have to start from the beginning, to make a new life. In order to get away from that awful situation, a few years ago Karima took contact with the UNHCR office in Iran, she denounced her family's struggles and applied to be an asylum seeker in some other country. Through UNHCR refugees living in more dangerous countries such as Iran or Pakistan are moved to safer places, like EU, Australia or Canada. It's a long process, after the application the case must be accepted, and only after that the refugees are moved to another location, but they have no voice about the final destination,it's not up to the refugees to chose the place where they will be sent. Karima situation in Iran wasn't easy to be sorted since most of the people working for the UN there are of course from Iran and they mainly support their government politics against refugees, so they tried to discourage Karima. She had to be very firm and strong to have finally her case discussed and accepted. The respect for the human rights  it's an important issue in Iran, as even many iranian people complain about their own government not respecting them at all. One of the main problem Karima's family had to face in Iran was how to make a living. In Iran women can't work or even rent an apartement, but Karima's mother was a widowed so she didn't have a man at her side to support her and her young children. For Karima, living in Iran as a woman, as a girl, was really difficult, because over there women have no way to support themselves or improve their life as there is no concept of women's rights. And for her family, with no father or brothers, only three women, things were even more difficult, with people spreading rumors and gossiping about them instead of helping them. But now Karima's family finally found a new place to stay here in Finland, where they arrived the 16th of september 2016. They already have the status of regular immigrants, so no more waiting time for her and her mother and sister. Now Karima is trying  to leave her painful past behind, even if it's hardly possible for her to forget all she has been through with her mother and sisters. She wants to start a new life here in Finland , she is very eager to begin her education, she wants to learn english and finnish and also her sister want to get an education. Their mother situation it's different and  harder, since she is older and unwell, with her heavy past putting its toll on her. She bravely rised her four children alone in a foreign country ( Iran ) where a woman can't actually do anything for herself or her family, and now after a life of terrible struggles, she is asked to start all over again. Not an easy pursuit at all. Also the thought of her lost son, which she has had no news for many years now, it's a terrible pain to bear, and knowing that the other doughter ( Karima's older sister ) is in Germany with her own family, still waiting for a permit to stay, still waiting to know if they can have the refugee status, it is really overwhelming. As for Karima's sister, she had escaped from Iran with her husband, because it is iranian politics at the moment, that Afghan men in order to stay in Iran as refugees have to go at war in Syria. To avoid this, they preferred to flee the country and come in Europe with their own means, but now it is a long waiting time for them, with the nightmarish threat to be deported back to Iran.
It was really hard for us to listen to Karima, her struggles, her pain are so deep it would be much easier to turn a blind eye over what so many of our sisters and brothers go through. But we strongly feel that it is so important to make everybody aware of the real reasons that force so many people to flee their home countries, most of the time to face years of struggles and rejection also from those who should be there for them, welcoming and helping out in the darkest hours. Karima we wish you and your sisters a bright future, and to your brave mother  peace and joy in this new place.

sabato 28 gennaio 2017

#RQLRecomendation 1

#RQLRecomendation, every saturday and every wednesday we will recomend you a song that we personally like. The song we choosed for today is a great tune by Shaggy feturing Mohombi, Faydee & Costi. The song was realised in 2014 and was written by the Australian  Faydee and Romanian  artist Costi. The song is in Arabic, English and Spanish. "Habibi" means "my love" in Arabic language.

martedì 24 gennaio 2017

Loviisan Tanssiopisto 10 vuotta exhibition - Liike

Hello listeners and readers, today we are here in Loviisa with Kati, from Loviisan Tanssiopisto for the opening of the amazing photographic exhibition celebrating the 10 years of the dance academy. You can visit the exhibition in Loviisan Almintalo from the 25th of january to the 12th of february with very special happenings on the 5th-11th and 12th of february at 13:00 and 15:00. Don't miss it !

- Greetings Kati, it is so nice to be here today. Would you like to shortly introduce yourself for our listeners ?

Hi RQL ! It is nice to meet you again. I'm Kati Kivilahti-Fagerud. I am a principal and dance teacher in Loviisan Tanssiopisto. Right now we are starting our tenth year anniversary celebration and I am very very happy and proud of these ten years.

-Ten years of Loviisan Tanssiopisto,congratulations for this great achievement ! Which kind of feelings looking back at these ten years ?

Mostly happy and joyful. So many kids have been with us for so many years and this means that we have been able to offer them interesting things in which they could develop and grow. Our aim it is not to make professional dancer in our school, but to let our kids grow into more healthy adults and have some additional tools in their life to use in whichever path they will engage themselves be it art, or dance or whatever else.

-In this exhibition we can admire ten years of pictures. Looking at the past ten years through these photos, what do you see ? How has been this experience so far ?

It's great to see all these photos on the walls. Those photos have made fleeting moments visible. Dance, as for example theater or circus, is the 'art of the moment'. Either as performer or in the audience, you can't really 'keep' a single moment out of a performance, because they're gone so fast. In this exhibition we have been able to make all those moments visible once again.

- When you first decided to have professionally taken pictures at the shows,was it already in your plans to create this sort of wonderful collection or it happened spontaneously ?

Janne Lehtinen, who is a pro photographer,who has been taking all of our pictures, he's a friend and it is just a great advantage to have in Loviisa  these talented professionals who are also willing to work with us and help us. I think at the beginning Janne's own kids were in our circus school taking classes, and I think that it all started from that. But it has been great that he has been able to give his time, every year, reserving on his schedule a certain week-end just for us. It takes him a lot of time, staying with us and following already the rehersals, since during the show things happens so quickly in time and space that if you don't know ahead what can you expect you would lose those great moments. When last summer we started brain-storming about what to do during our tenth year, this was my own dream to make this exhibition happen, because Janne's pictures have been so wonderful. We can use a part of them for the press but there's so many more treasures that families could see.

- Ten years of Loviisan Tanssiopisto and One hundred years of finnish indipendence. A cheerful coincidence isn't it ?

Yes ! When we noticed it was like ' wow in the same year ' so we wanted to use this, so we applied to have this official label 'Suomi 100' and we got it. In these Suomi 100 happenings you have to show a very high level of committment, you have to do something that really whole Finland could be celebrating. You need to have regular happenings. The exhibition is the first part of this Suomi Sata Happening, the second one will be the spring show ''Noin seitseman sisarusta'' about seven sisters which is very roughly based on  Aleksis Kivi's  Seitsemän veljestä and it will be performed by seven girls, so everything is kinda different from that. This is going to happen on april the 23rd. This is going to be some kind of story telling show, as we maybe did for Alice, five years ago. Everybody knows Alice in Wonderland, and we used those elements, even if not in chronological order, to build our own story. So this year we will have once again a story, which have been written by all our teachers, working all together, which made me really happy.

- Any plan for the next ten years ?

... We have a dream ... about a Dance House here in Loviisa. We have been dreaming about this for a very long time. But when you finally says it aloud, maybe someday it will become true. We would love to have all of our spaces under the same roof, all of our studios in the same place and maybe also some kind of scene, which could be for visitors also from other regions to perform here. We already have in mind also the perfect place, now we only have to make it happen,mostly on the financial side. But well, this is our dream and our plan for the next five years.

Thank you Kati for taking your time to talk with us in this busy and joyful day.

And now a few pictures from the exhibition and opening :

Congratulations !

lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

Xavier Rudd & the United Nations - Come People

...Feel the touch of a gentle rain

 and we pull together when the Earth she breaks


So why are we so divided?

 Grandmother pull us out

 Grandmother can you tell me how we have been so mistaken?

 And I held that little girl she was a message in my dreaming
I bring my hands and I must stay and I will graciously set you free

Come people, come now people

 Come Spirit through these people

Come people, come now people

And I believe we are one and we are sacred 

I will hold you close ...


giovedì 12 gennaio 2017

SOJA - I Believe ft. Michael Franti, Nahko

Greetings family ! How you doing out there in the wide world ? I'm fine but this new year has brought me so much inspiration for so many different project and this of course cut off most of my online time, but this is fine of course, I just miss a bit to see what's going on here :) Weather it is really weird this winter, we had an early snow in november, then it was gone, warmer weather and mud, then freezing cold but sunny last week and then since yesterday morning snow again, and a lot of it ( it has been snowing for almost 24 hours ). Snow is fine with me, a lot of wandering with the little one on the sledge and one or more of the older kids chit-chatting with me as we admire the creation. The song I want to share this morning came to my mind after reading this article that Nahko and Medicine for the People​ shared , a very brave and intimate interview with his birth mother, a very hard start in life that he was able to turn into love for his fellow humans. I always like him, but after reading this my admiration for this inspiring man surely grew. anyways back to the song, it is of course one of my fav, with three of the most amazing conscious artists around, Michael Franti and Spearhead​ , SOJA and Nahko. Let me share some of the lyrics with you :

...Remove the shackles right now
You never really fit into ‘em at all
Or keeping running with that metal
On your feet until you fall

Everything that you say
Become the things that you do
Remember what you put out there is building you
Remember everything is everything

I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe
No matter what you do
I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe
It will all come back to you ....

Beautiful isn't it ? At least for today let's believe all together in a better world and let's behave like LOVE is the only ruler <3 <3 <3

domenica 8 gennaio 2017

Steven Sedalia - Color Me

Greetings family, how're you doing ? I have been kinda busy the past days, but in the best way possible ! We got a lot of friends coming over to visit us making our week-end incredibly happy, the best way to close this festive weeks. Being part of this human family is an amazing journey, so much love and joy to share, so much work to do side by side with our brthers and sisters to makethis world a heavenly place. I'm sure we will see the day when this will happen and I can't wait for that. Talking about being positive and full of love, today I want to share the brand new video of one of the first artists, if not the first one ever, we interviewed for our web-site, Steven Sedalia . I loved his music and his pure and positive heart since the first moment I bumped into this young man's art. So if you want to go and read his interview you can find it here…/steven-sedalia-interview and if you want to enjoy his music just let the video below play :)
In the while, today let's try to be a bit more kind than necessary and pour abundant love over our fellow humans.
One Love, One Heart, One Destiny

domenica 1 gennaio 2017

Welcome 2017 ! A few stats from 2016

Greeting family ! How's been 2017 so far ? Mine and ours has been behaving pretty good in its first day. To start the year I thought it could be fun to share with you some stats about our web-radio's web-site .
The new web-site was launched last january, so one year ago. In twelve months our visits have grown so much ( we went from less than 400 the first month to more than 8000 in december) with a total of more than 28500. We are humbled and thrilled by the love which have been poured on us, the appreciation, the trust. For sure all of you included in those digits helped making our 2016 the special year it has been, and for this we thank you all and we will give you all even more than what we did this past year.

Our public is rather international, the top five countries listening to us and reading our articles have been USA, Finland, Russia, Italy and Germany. But we really got visits from all over the world.

The top five most loved articles have been:
-the interview with the amazing Addis Pablo
-the article A Thousand Miles Away, about our dear friend Zabihullah
-the interview with the incredible Julian Marley
-the article about the Saltbodan Radio 2016
-the interview with Cesco

So for all this, for your support and for your friendship I thank you all and send love and light to each one of you. Onward&forward toward this new year together.

One Love, One Heart, One destiny