mercoledì 28 dicembre 2016


This morning I'm quite upset. Yesterday evening the bad news of the local refugee camp closing by the beginning of june spread in our community. My reaction was of disbelief, as just two days ago one of our friend from the camp was here and we were talking about his situation, his hopes for the future, about the fact that he was becoming an important part of this community, with a lot of friends and people caring for him. And now all the people there, who already underwent so many awful situations to arrive here, will be displaced once again. After more than one year in which they tried and hoped for a new life here they will be packed up as boxes and moved away to start all over again. A never ending story of pain, rejection and hopelessness. This is not fair. Not at all. And what is even more disgusting has been some comments from (few ) pathetic racists who welcomed with joy this news. How small people can get when confined in the limits of self imposed fear and how unwise from every country to feed hate to their citizens to make them even more narrow minded and fearful. Or maybe it is just what the governements want : divide and rule, divide et impera. Us vs. Them. Always. But we have the strongest weapon even against this tactic, and this weapon is love. We have to realize that our only hope is to be one. ONE PEOPLE. This morning I want to share this beautiful tune from DrOlugander ''Equal rights and Justice ''

...EQUAL RIGHTS & JUSTICE" ever be my song, so that I'll be able to see the Promised Land...

Equal rights and justice ever be OUR song, as we are ONE PEOPLE

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